pinkcollar worker's journal

Draft theme ideas

Colour palette

Colour palette

I met Zenna at an event in Denmark about the Sustainable Development Goals, and I was immediately intrigued by this amazing project she had in mind. A year later, she had founded Pinkcollar, an ethical employment agency that aims to fix Malaysia’s broken domestic work sector.


Pinkcollar commissioned me to design a journal for the domestic workers that they hire. As a basis, the journal works as an open-date agenda, allowing the employees to start using it as soon as they start their job. There are also pages for writing down their working schedule, and for recording expenses and savings. However, the journal goes further than that as it aims to provide a sense of inspiration and connection to the Pinkcollar agency by including elements such as goals, dreams and journaling pages, as well as encouraging monthly quotes. This part is extremely important as worker's travel to Malaysia from neighbouring countries all by themselves, leaving behind their families and friends to earn a better income.  


The process began by selecting a colour palette, drafts of which are shown on the left. We then settled on a botanical theme for the entire journal and the rest was designed from there.